What if gender roles in advertisement were reversed

Today, I saw a video called „What if gender roles in advertisement were reversed?“ (see below)


Indeed, what if?

Being an avid proponent of gender equality (which may not be that apparent from the shitstorm below, but bear with me), I was interested in what it had to say about the portrayal of men and women in advertisement.

What I got instead was a shitload of manipulative pseudo-informative “facts” spiced with completely unrelated statistics that hurts the gender equality movement way more than it helps it in a way that only a spiced shitload can.

For one, the video mixes ads from various time periods, as if it´s somehow necessary to make a statement about ad posters from the 40s. Yes, it was a surprise back then that a woman was able to open a ketchup bottle, black people sat in the back of the bus and weed caused people to murder each other. It was a stupid period, as all are when looking back, as ours will probably be one day, simply because the governing sense of propriety changes. Get over it.

What´s more alarming, however, is the sudden and entirely random insertion of statistics about domestic violence. Domestic violence IS a problem and it is in all possible ways unacceptable, whether it´s directed one way or the other (cause yes, there are women beating men). However, I don´t really see how it RELATES to women being sexualized in advertisement. I sexualize my porn folder and my masturbation sock but that doesn´t mean I feel like beating either to a bloody pulp. When women are being dominated in advertisement, it´s not a “make me a breakfast or I´ll roundhouse you in the face” kind of domination, it´s sexual. And here, I will only be talking from personal experience (so it may differ for others) but I have yet to meet a woman who doesn’t enjoy being handled roughly; not emotionally or mentally, mind you, but sexually. All we hear is “treat us like ladies” when really, in private they wanna be treated like whores. And again, I don´t FORCE anyone to want to be treated like a whore, but who am I to deny them if they do? But yeah, I guess there´s that hypothetical woman who wants sex to be a thing of respect bracketed by “may I insert?” and “Stop! Ejaculation time!”


The crowning jewel of the video, that is the inverted ads, is as off-mark as the rest of it. You know why? Because they are in most cases not offensive at all (at least to me). I enjoy being dominated as much as I like to dominate and in fact, I kinda cherish the idea of being dildo-humped (cause I assume that´s what´s happening on the pic) by a woman while drinking my morning cup of coffee. No irony there, I swear. The ads I did find offensive, or more precisely preposterous, are the ones where the authors completely twisted the point of “sexualizing”. Like the one with „Obsession for men“. Excuse me, how is the female counterpart of a ridiculously hot chick that fucking whale of a lumberjack? When you give me a bulging Adonis in shorts, I will nod and move on. Cause guess what? I don´t think ANY man on Earth minds being sexualized. Wanna pull at our pants, makes us beg for sex and open our legs (for whatever reason) with tools (or whatever we are interested in)? GO AHEAD, WE´LL HANDLE THAT KIND OF PRESSURE.

The girl who barks/bites? Awesome, give me more.

„I can´t fix an engine. Who cares.“ should even by my life motto. Except it left a bitter taste in my mouth because it goes hand in hand with the made-up statistic about rising problems with hypermasculinity. If anything, and I should know, it´s easier and easier to live, function, and be attractive as a non-hypermasculine male. There are myriads of types of women and men with different preferences. I aim for the ones who don´t need testosterone to drip from my every pore. It´s my choice, it´s their choice, it´s all fine. If you wanna be a raging 200 pound feminist, then you´ll also have to shop among different males. Like overweight mountaineers because hey, why should they be fit when it´s all just social pressure?

I guess my point here is be who you wanna be, but don´t be surprised about people (in this case some members of the opposite sex) who would like you to be different. And get that boobjob, we wanna have enormous tits in our lives. It´s not advertisement, it´s biology.

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